The best way to power up crystals

I need a gigantic source of spiritual energy, to do certain energetic works that I have been working on, higher intuitions said that crystals were the best way to achieve this, specifically Quartz, so I am using quartz, but I feel that it is still not good enough , I was recharging the quartz with Quartz’s own frequency, but I felt that it was simply not enough energy, so I started to try sunlight, which provides more energy, but I was not satisfied either, what is the best way to insert large amounts of spiritual energy in a crystal? Perhaps the crystal itself is the problem? What is the crystal with the highest capacity to retain spiritual energy in the world?

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Don’t do sexual acts and it will be transmuted to ojas after maybe 90 days thats the spiritual energy and power everyone needs and is lacking :smiley:

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For this specific job it won’t do, I don’t want to use my own spiritual energy for this.

I think what you are doing is enough to energize your crystals with a lot of energy, if you just believe and change your vibration is also enough, you can put a lot of spiritual energy and great mental strength into the crystals

I believe that a larger crystal can contain more spiritual energy, there are large crystals for sale of 30cm and larger…

the basics always work, you can create a super ultra powerful crystal energizing ritual and convince your mind that this is real then this will happen

“When Nothing Elses Works” is also perfect for this.


I’ve been scouring all of Maitreya’s fields, I think crystal sensitivy was what I needed, maybe the problem wasn’t the amount of energy in the crystals but how much I could extract from that energy, I feel much more connected now.

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I didn’t meant for that :smiley:

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