Human Anatomy Knowledge / Energetically Programmed Audio

This field has been created to give you an energetic download with detailed and deep knowledge of human anatomy. The field contains the understanding of the way in which the whole system of the body is interconnected and how changing one aspect will affect the whole. When used during meditation this field can show you the human body and the processed and mechanics in it. The field is suitable for people who study medicine, healers, or anyone who would like to feel and know himself better. With the use of this field, it is possible to understand why something has been happening within your body and thus you can find a solution to the problem.

Have in mind that the knowledge download fields require you to actively study and investigate the topic of the field. The use of such a field will allow for incredibly fast learning and skill acquisition, deep understanding of the area of interest, and learning things that would normally require years or decades in a fraction of the time but this will happen only if you put the external work and actually study and practice.

Use this audio daily for 1 to 3 months for the best results.