Stacking different mandalas

I carry 2 personal and 3 environmental mandalas, is it Ok stack them on top of each other when i put them in my bag or should i place them in separate pockets???


It’s fine to stack them


What is the best way to carry on mandalas?
I keep them in phone case, in-between case and phone. Do not feel it. :frowning:

If i put mandalas in front of me, or holdind in hands, i really do feel power.

Is it any plastic holder good to carry on in pocket.

Please, suggestions :pray:

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Buy a cheap watch/bracelet and glue the mandalas under it.

Wear the watch on your left hand.

Doubling the mandalas can get uncomfortable but it will integrate twice as fast.


:handshake:, Samurai
I actualy use bracelets. If i print mandalas very small (20 *20) and glue it up, it slould work as they normal size?

Dubling mean same mandala few time to be printed?

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Dont make it too small tho.

And yeah I double every mandala that I know might take a while to integrate, so I glue it together and glue under watch (it takes the space of 1 mandala but its two).

Then after integration you can simply wear 1 to keep going.



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are you referring to the type of phone case inwhich the mandalas/back of the phone is not visible ?

Actually never mind the doubling.

Just stick with one

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Already do :grin:

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