Carrying a Digital Mnadala

I am looking for suggestions on carrying a digital mandala. How many mandalas can we carry them with us ? what is the best format to carry them? Does saving multiple images on mobile work better or printing them work better?

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You can carry as much mandalas as you want with you, without to feel overwhelmed.
New ones like reality shifter are tough if they are activated in first days.

Better use them printed.


The easiest way is to print them out, preferably in color. But black and white is also possible, although I feel that they don’t seem quite as strong then. It is then helpful to shrink them so that they can be laminated in credit card format. However, the picture has to stay in the same format so it doesn’t have to change its shape or cut something off the picture to make it fit. I have them in a small pouch that I usually have in my trouser pocket and there are now 18 pieces.