Digital Mandala question

I have multiple Digital Mandalas that I want to print out. My question is can I stack them on top of each other and then Laminate them all in one? It would make it easier instead of having them individually seperate in my pocket.

The Mandalas I will be stacking together will be:

  1. Attraction Magnetic Sexual Bundle (FOR HIM)
  2. Ultimate Alpha Male Radiance
  3. Pure Androsterone
  4. Pure Androstenol
  5. Androstenone
  6. Aesthetic Body with Testosterone

What do you think?

That’s ok.

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I do that too. All laminated. Everything in order. Booster in back and higher self in front :joy:. And then two sets of the same series in both pockets a set. Haha

So but you are planning quite a bit with those mandalas. Are you sure you can handle it? :crazy_face::muscle:

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