Spiritual PTSD

Spiritual PTSD, though not formally recognized in clinical settings like traditional PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), refers to a deep psychological and emotional disturbance that stems from spiritual experiences or practices. This can occur when someone undergoes a spiritually intense or traumatic event, such as a perceived attack by dark forces or a disorienting encounter with what they believe to be negative energies. The term “spiritual” here emphasizes that the trauma originates from one’s spiritual beliefs or practices rather than physical or emotional sources alone.

Symptoms of spiritual PTSD can resemble those of traditional PTSD but are distinctly influenced by spiritual contexts. Here are some of the key symptoms that might be observed:

  1. Isolation: Individuals may withdraw from social interactions and community activities, especially those related to spiritual or religious groups. They might feel misunderstood by or disconnected from others who do not share their spiritual experiences.

  2. Fear of Attack: There is often an intense, persistent fear of being attacked by unseen dark forces. This fear can manifest as paranoia or extreme anxiety about spiritual or metaphysical harm.

  3. Perceiving Negative Energies: Individuals may start seeing or sensing only negative energies in people or environments. This perception can lead to mistrust, difficulties in forming relationships, and a negative outlook on life.

  4. Hypervigilance: Similar to traditional PTSD, there can be an increased state of alertness to potential spiritual threats, leading to difficulty relaxing or feeling safe.

  5. Flashbacks and Nightmares: These might involve reliving the traumatic spiritual event in vivid dreams or intrusive memories, which can be highly distressing.

  6. Existential Angst or Crisis: Questions about purpose, existence, and the nature of good vs. evil might become predominant, often leading to spiritual disillusionment or crisis.

Addressing spiritual PTSD typically involves a combination of psychological counseling, spiritual guidance, and community support. Therapies that emphasize grounding and mindfulness can be particularly helpful. It’s crucial for individuals facing such challenges to seek help from professionals who respect and understand the spiritual dimensions of their experiences.

I bring this up because recently someone I fell in love with got infected with black magic. This triggered me extremely, as this was a repeating pattern in my life, so my first reaction was to run, leave it behind, and isolate myself even more. I tried to save every man before and wasted months before I gave up, so this time, my reaction was, “You will go dark like the rest; I’m not going to waste my energy on you just to get my heart broken again.”
Thankfully, an honest and deep conversation helped me to address a few things and find a solution instead of running away. He got cleared, and I managed to solve my PTSD, and I am working on trust issues he pointed out very gently. I had no idea I developed hypervigilance and I sensed danger everywhere. I just couldn’t relax at all.
It is impossible to grow spiritually without trust. And I got from one extreme (I am naive) to another (I won’t trust anyone).
Dark beings are like predators, they isolate a prey from everyone, make it weaker and attack once tired. I spent most of my life fighting alone, and now I know why. Don’t let them isolate you.


Thank you Polaris! A much needed post.


I have had this, This year I have received some attacks although not like this year.
Anyway I left all these about spirituality, lightworking stuff, even meditation at least for now.
I have made a mess in my head with all that
Meeting people is though, if your into spirituality could even tougher.