What do you like more? Digital Mandalas or Audio fields?

  • Audio Fields
  • Digital Mandalas

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I somehow like Audio fields better because I seem to pay conscious attention to the fields and pick the fields I really need to listen to, whereas with mandalas, I just stack a whole lot of them through mandala manager and optimizer. So, audio fields seem to produce more measurable results for me than the mandalas.


It can be hard to find the time to listen, so I like the convenience of mandalas that work on you at all times, wherever you are. Audios rely on using a computer or phone, and in the case of some, wi-fi; mandalas just go right in your pocket. Set it and forget it, bb.


Definitely DM’s. It’s very difficult to listen to audio fields, especially when your time is constraint. If it’s “silent” audios, then maybe that’s a different story. But actually having to consciously listen to the audio vs just having to carry the DM around, I’d much rather just carry it around my pocket or wallet than listen to audios for convenience.


When I’m using something to meet a serious need, and I know that’s not the case with every single field, but that’s how I tend to do, “all or nothing”, just use what counters the dire, I want things that I know are working every moment, 24/7 for that time period. I never like wondering if something is going to wear off before I’m ready for it to.

And some fields don’t affect me in a way I’m completely comfortable with. I like to have the option of taking them off. Not having to wait 23 more hours to hopefully get back to normal.

When I’ve done audios, massive amounts of my time were taken up. Which, yes, that’s my fault, that’s on me. But not so with Mandalas.

Plus, with mandalas, I really get to find out what I need most. Somehow, going through that process of wearing one one day and just one more the next, I never end up wearing 8 of them, the number stays small and manageable by letting the experience guide me.

There’s no particular reason that shouldn’t have happened with audios as well. To an extent, it did. I think the difference was mainly that there were audios for everything and I couldn’t resist having one or two or three audios for each and every need I felt I had, physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, on and on. With mandalas, somehow it’s easier for me to keep things in check and down to what I really need.


I voted audios for 2 reasons

  1. I don’t have a printer so l collect 5-6 mandalas before getting them printed at Staples. Winter is coming so now l wont be able to get there easily [l’m in a wheelchair],

  2. With the Mandala Manager, it’s easy to use the Field Storage to program the audio in there. This mandala has been amazing!!


I would argue that you’re noticing more results because it’s what you’re paying attention to. However, with manager + optimizer, you’re getting what you need, which is much more worthwhile that getting what you think you want, which is the audios game.


I love mandalas, is like a tag but better… even if you lose it you can reprint it


mandalas of course :smiley: :heart_eyes:

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