Solution to my problem?

My biggest problem, is that I keep adding mandalas all the time.
It’s like I feel I need this field, and then I a moment later I need another one.
And then in the morning, I take away some, and then it starts all over again.
Anyone else recognize this problem, and have some suggestions?


Do you use subliminals, or have you listened/used someone new recently? How long have you felt like this?

I would say to remove all mandalas for two days. Get some rest. Then, meditate on what you really need. If you can’t switch them off, then you might need a reset, I am afraid.

Ok thanks, I’ll do a full reset,good advice🙏
How long should I use the revision mandala?

First, you might feel withdrawal symptoms and want to stop. It might not be pleasant, but I would like to encourage you to continue.
I would say use it until you feel clear and free. You will notice that. Remember that we are here to support you in the moment of crisis. :slight_smile: