Can "DM: Revision - Full Restart" be updated?

Hello, I have been properly and only wearing this mandala and I can say that I didn’t felt so bad like listening to a frequency I’m incompatible to and I sleep rather well. Just happens that I know that something that was made can be bettered it a big span of time like 1 year. If the creator wishes to better the mandala in a way, I would gladly print it out again.


Revision mandala works best when you stop using all other types of energy work for at least 1-2 weeks.

If you are trying to get out the water from a glass,
but you are continuing to fill it too - it won’t work. Logically.


No, I abandoned all of them 5 months ago because I thought I was incompatible I supposed maybe a clash happened between stuck energies or my other theories written on Sapien Med forums. But I thought that it’s not possible to alter DNA results because I used a field that would produce more collagen from Sapien Med and all sort of other things for a long time this is why I asked you if this could be bettered because we have a better look than previously about things we create.