Singing Your Soul

This field is created to be active and you have to participate with it. Singing your soul is programmed to release all the stuck energy from all your bodies and all emotions that are still unsolved.

How to be used? Put this audio on loop until you finish the whole process. When you play the audio, close your eyes and try to hear the sound of your soul. Place your right palm on your heart when you are making this and keep it there until you finish completely. When you hear the tone in your head, open your mouth and start singing this.

Note: Soul doesn’t have a song, it has a vibe. So you can hear to sing OOO / AAA / MMM or some simple tone like those.

The field is connected to an energetical structure from a higher dimension that is related to vibration and music. From there you will receive your tone.

The normal duration of this practice: 30 minutes. You can use it as much as you want.


Let’s sing!!! yay


This sounds more for adults :joy:

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go back to kindergarten I joking with the comment u made lol


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