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Here everyone can share dreams :smiley:

I am starting with mine today I saw I was in somewhere in universes was in a ship I was operating the ship broke down it was a lonely place I was trying to find someone for help I was searching through my ship computer for near by galaxies and planets nothing was there I was trying and trying was stressed as there were more people with me in the ship I had stress to save them all but was nothing there that i can do just was searching and finally I caught something in the computer scanning it was something millions of light years away from my ship …

and I had not enough fuel to teleport my ship there … i was full of stress was losing hope and was trying to find the person who made this ship so we can modify it to teleport there to that found location which is millions of light years away from my ship … I was looking around from the ship and suddenly I hear a alien engine sound I tried to find it and then it slowly appeared in front of my ship … they said they are Arcturians she was a female and with her there was robot half of her size …

she looked just like this but she had hairs not like humans it was like blueish


she took us in her ship then the robot started checking us like if we have some weapons or something … then she agreed to take us back to our place. …

then dreams ends and I woke up :smiley:

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still no posts people are shy :smiley: