Can I make a special request About your morphic fields?
I don’t know if you may believe this, but I’m sure you may be aware of it. But see, I was born a wolf shapeshifter. I have a Wolf spirit bound to me. And I was wondering if you could meditate and search for the frequency the activates shapeshifting. Specifically for wolves. thanks!

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Welcome to the forum.

We currently stopped customs. If you want fields suggestions and to be personally scanned by Maitreya, this is the option:

I am not very familiar with shapeshifting, but I would say it’s never good to be tied or bound in any way. Connections made from love will not slave you. Other beings can control you, and I am strongly into freedom, independence and own power.

I am very curious about it. I’ve seen shapeshifters in the astral world, but never in 3D. Would you like to share your story?

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