New Release; Female Muscle Growth + Thermogenesis

This field is the female version of Greek god series for muscle growth. This field will fully promote desired muscle growth at (100-200%) and desired fat burning and help you build the physique of your dreams. Will give a sweet balance of female hormones.

This will field will give you the optimal levels of estrogens and progesterone that needed for muscle growth and a sexy body. Also will keep the male hormones safe and optimal. And we made it for optimal levels because optimal levels are important for the female body’s health and that process will safely promote increased muscle growth.

Also this field will increase protein synesthes to the highest optimal level and give you a great cortisol control and reduction if needed. As for fat burning this field will increase your insulin sensitivity and give a great insulin control throughout the day and will make your thyroid glands to release the optimal levels of thyroid hormones for the superhuman metabolism achievement.

This field as a final addition will promote an incredible desired water loss from all the areas you have issues (belly,butt,chest,face) and make your skin tight and cgi level of beauty , brightness and clean from any acne or damage.

The fat burning will be at your desired level of 200% with added effect of thermogenesis , raise of your leptin levels and shrinking the size of the stomach. Will give you an auto-workout of all your muscle parts that can be trained and will promote cellulite reduction.


Hi @Maitreya, what is the difference between this and The Greek Goddess - The Muscle Guide? The descriptions seem a bit similar except this one has Thermogenesis and water loss included.


This is the difference, as some people can’t handle thermogenesis. People who have anxiety and similar symptoms from stress is better to use the other one, as they can’t recognise the thermogenesis effects from the other thing.

Thermogenesis often creates for example sweating palms and this will be a trigger for a person who suffers from anxiety to go into a “mind movie”.


Got it. Thanks!

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Maitreya Fields, thank you for your excellent work. :sunflower:

I had the same question, about the difference. Thank you for explaining. :grinning:

I think this field is amazing, I’m listening during the night and in the morning I wake up extremely thirsty and during the day I eat a lot less sweets. I really belive in the long run this could be a game changer for me.

I saw there is a Greek God Beauty ULTIMATE FORMULA, I’m patiently waitnig for the women edition. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(maybe you could add hair lightening like Aphrodite)


Will there be a fat loss field for females that doesn’t have anything with muscle growth or protruding abs? Maybe one that enhances or protects the fat on breasts and butt?



This is the only mandala I haven’t had any success with (and I have many of your mandalas!), despite using it in different ways for over a month. I’ve used it for just some hours per day, 24/7 for a couple of weeks, and in my Mandala Manager Box. Why is it that it just doesn’t work? Could you please advise? Thanks a lot in advance. :pray:

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Hi, I had an issue with everything related to weight loss. I felt energy but no results at all. In fact, I had no results even when I did the gym and diet.
Clearing emotional blockages helped me a lot. In my case it was a shame :woman_shrugging:t3:I had no idea I felt shame at all. Once I got rid of it started to work.


Thank you so much for your reply Nymtaar! I have done cardio and healthy diet, too, alongside the mandala, with no results. Will look into emotional blockages. How did you clear the shame, if you don’t mind me asking?

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I’m lazy, I always use fields :sweat_smile: I looped for the whole night and when I woke up, I felt “oh ok, I don’t need it anymore”. And I completely moved on.
I got inspired by an article that stated that some people will gain weight, to hide behind fat, as a result of shame.
If you have ever lived with a narcissist, you will have a lot of stuff in you mind that you had no idea.
Good luck! I keep my fingers crossed.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! :pray: Fields are the best, why complicate things? :smile:

I will use the shame field for as long as I feel guided to, and maybe some other emotional clearing fields, too, if needed. I’ll update on my progress in case it will help someone else in a similar situation.

UPDATE: I’ve used the shame field for about three weeks now. The first few days I listened to it for 2-3 hours, then 2-3 times a day. I’ve lost 1kg so I suppose shame had something to do with my weight, but there are still blockages apparently. I’ll try the guilt field next! :pray:


We received feedback these days from a girl who had problems with weight loss, but using the endocrine system field, she lost 3 kilograms in one week.