How do u deal with a lot of shadow thx

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You can use a light :grin:


lol ok thx bro mann wat u mean by light

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You get rid of shadows by light

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lol aight, that really represents my shadows lol

Observing and acceptance :slight_smile:


What is called shadow is not evil but mostly our aggressiveness and sexuality. Integrating the shadow is the way to deal with it. What is meant by integration is accepting ans using in a controlled, beneficial way your aggression and sex drive. Societal rules have taught is that some parts of us are not acceptable, which may in part be true, as we should not kill whoever aggravates us, but we should still be able to defend ourselves and express ourselves truthfully. Jordan Peterson has some really good lectures on integrating the shadow on youtube.


100% agreed.

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yea I watched his lectures I usest to like his stuff one thing I don’t like is him pushing guys to be at the top of dominance hierarchy and if ur not a socially domaint ass then ur just a loser at the bottom ,I like him as a person though I have a video that analyses also if ur suicidal don’t take up more responsibility

lol kk

Well, that is the reality of life-you are either successful in your society-meaning even lobster society, or you are indeed a loser, you don’t get to pass on your genes. Nature does not support equality of outcome. It supports survival of the best and that drives evolution.

This statement is too black and white and misses the point entirely. Dr. Peterson advises men to get their lives in order and do what they can to be productive members of society, thus ensuring they’re not stuck at the bottom of the hierarchy.

He’s not telling you to do whatever it takes to get to the top, he’s giving you practical advice to ensure you’re not trapped at the bottom, because the bottom is a terrible place to live - terrible for you and terrible for society as well.


I have watched a lot of his lectures and don’t need any additional analysis other than that my own brain does. I don’t like to get manipulated by people’s opinions. I like to form my own.