Self Compassion

Self-compassion is the act of being kind to yourself.

It’s treating yourself the same way you’d treat your best friend after a breakup or your dog yelping in pain.

It’s unconditional acceptance.

It’s comforting.

It’s opting to focus on the positive characteristics rather than the negative.

It’s choosing kindness as a virtue, a value, and practice.

The most important element in self-compassion is your internal dialogue.

The internal dialogue you process currently isn’t yours. It’s that of your parents (or guardian).
And this internal dialogue is false for we come into this world whole, pure, and unbroken. Our relationships, society, and other external factors throw dirt on our souls.

Self-compassion is the removal of mud stains on your soul.


Was this a request? Looks really good.

Can’t wait to use this, first impression feels like getting a big warm hug and someone telling you things will be okay, already worrying less about stuff


So this is really a gem. I tend to be hard on myself, unforgiving towards myself, reject myself… you name it. The other thing I tend to do is to give so much attention to everyone I encounter, it’s like a pull, that I don’t perceive myself any more.

Now I get in touch with myself, the most gentle one, and it’s originating from within. The effects are profound. “I’m okay”. I can say that because I am. And this okayness expands into my life. It enables me to accept. And it helps to stay with me when I meet anyone, me being me. It greatly reduces or even eliminates that pull at times. It gives me new degrees of freedom and peace.

Thank you!

@Maitreya Could you create a mandala version of this creation? It would really help further strengthen these healing and freeing effects e.g. when encountering people.


It’s on Patreon now. Thank you :heart:


So MY question is “The Compassion” Virtue Pendant, would it do the same thing, the one’s thats shown on Etsy? Does the Pendant of Compassion include, SELF COMPASSION as well as for OTHERS?

Self-compassion is a component of Compassion. To master Compassion, you need to be compassionate towards others and yourself. When you are good to yourself, it will be easier for you to act differently. When you are hard on yourself, you might create toxic relationships with others, lowering your worthiness because there is no balance.

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As in the DM version is now on Patreon? Forgive my seeming thickness on the subject I just wanna make shure before I drop 10 bucks or more to go get it and others that are available as such,as a Patreon supporter once again. Thank you kindly. Respect. PS: I re-found Ultimate Compassion on gumroad,I already had it and forgot I did in my Vast Collection of MF. thank you none the less. Truly appreciated. Blessings. K.