Choose your Virtue

Hello everyone!

I’d like to introduce you to the concept of virtues.

How about turning the information below into a challenge?
I dare you :upside_down_face: to choose 1 out of 81 virtues that would you like to master in this lifetime and please share your thoughts with us.
Why did you choose this one?
What would be the biggest obstacle to mastering this?

Virtues are universally recognized moral qualities or character traits considered good, desirable, and worthy of cultivation. They represent the very best of our human capacities and are fundamental to leading meaningful, fulfilling, and productive lives.
Rooted in moral philosophy, virtues are the guiding principles that inspire our decisions and actions. They define our character and shape the person we become.
A virtue is more than just a habit or an automatic response. It is a conscious decision to choose what is right and good, leading to a consistent pattern of thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is a commitment to uphold what is morally right and reject what is wrong, regardless of the situation or circumstance.
Each virtue carries with it a certain wisdom, a kind of intuitive understanding of what is good and right. It offers a guiding light, showing us the way towards a more meaningful, fulfilling, and authentic life.
Incorporating virtues into our lives means that we strive to be better human beings, not only for ourselves but for others as well. We aim to contribute positively to the well-being of others and the world around us.
Virtues are, in essence, the backbone of our moral life, leading us towards truth, beauty, and goodness. By practising and cultivating virtues, we can lead lives that are not only ethically sound but also deeply fulfilling and enriching.


  1. Acceptance: Embracing reality and acknowledging others as they are.
  2. Awe: Feeling profound respect or admiration for the world.
  3. Beauty: Appreciating aesthetic value and harmony.
  4. Care: Exhibiting concern and empathy for others.
  5. Charisma: Having a compelling charm that inspires devotion in others.
  6. Clarity: Having clearness or lucidity of understanding.
  7. Collaboration: Working together with others to achieve a common goal.
  8. Compassion: Feeling deep sympathy and sorrow for others who are suffering.
  9. Concentration: Focusing one’s attention or mental effort.
  10. Confidence: Believing in one’s abilities or qualities.
  11. Connection: Relating to or feeling a kinship with others.
  12. Considerate: Showing careful thought, particularly about the feelings of others.
  13. Conviction: Having a firmly held belief or opinion.
  14. Correct Judgment: Making accurate evaluations based on understanding and knowledge.
  15. Courage: Acting despite fear.
  16. Courtesy: Behaving in a polite and considerate way.
  17. Creation: Producing or bringing something into existence.
  18. Creativity: Using imagination to generate unique ideas or solutions.
  19. Dedication: Being committed to a task or purpose.
  20. Determination: Being resolved to continue despite difficulties.
  21. Dignity: Holding a worthy and honourable quality.
  22. Endurance: Bearing difficulties without giving in.
  23. Enthusiasm: Showing intense enjoyment or interest.
  24. Equality: Treating everyone the same, regardless of differences.
  25. Equity: Giving everyone what they need to be successful.
  26. Ethics: Following a set of moral principles.
  27. Faith: Believing in something with strong conviction, especially without proof.
  28. Flexibility: Adapting easily to change.
  29. Focus: Paying particular attention to something.
  30. Forgiveness: Letting go of resentment towards others.
  31. Fulfilment: Feeling satisfaction or happiness because of fully developing one’s abilities or character.
  32. Generosity: Being willing to give more than is necessary or expected.
  33. Grace: Handling situations with tact and dignity.
  34. Gratitude: Expressing appreciation for what one has.
  35. Harmony: Achieving a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things.
  36. Honesty: Being truthful and straightforward.
  37. Honor: Abiding by an ethical code and showing respect.
  38. Hope: Expecting with confidence; remaining optimistic.
  39. Humility: Having a modest view of one’s own importance.
  40. Humor: Perceiving, enjoying, or expressing what’s amusing or funny.
  41. Idealism: Pursuing high goals and principles.
  42. Imagination: Creating new ideas or concepts that are not present to the senses.
  43. Impartiality: Treating all rivals or disputants equally; fair and just.
  44. Initiative: Taking the lead, acting without being urged.
  45. Integrity: Adhering to moral and ethical principles.
  46. Intellect: Using the mind creatively and logically to overcome challenges.
  47. Joyfulness: Expressing great pleasure, happiness, or delight.
  48. Justice: Being fair and equitable.
  49. Kindness: Being friendly, considerate, and generous.
  50. Love: Showing deep affection and care for someone or something.
  51. Loyalty: Staying true to a person, cause, or duty.
  52. Mercy: Showing compassion or forgiveness towards someone within one’s power.
  53. Miracle: Appreciating the remarkable and unexplainable.
  54. Moderation: Avoiding extremes; showing self-restraint.
  55. Modesty: Being unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities.
  56. Motivation: Having a strong reason to act or accomplish something.
  57. Nobility: Having high moral qualities; showing generosity and benevolence.
  58. Optimism: Expecting the best possible outcome.
  59. Orderliness: Being neat and systematic.
  60. Passion: Having strong, intense emotion or enthusiasm for something.
  61. Patience: Waiting calmly without annoyance or anxiety.
  62. Peace: Being free from disturbance; tranquil.
  63. Persistence: Continuously striving despite difficulty.
  64. Playfulness: Engaging in sportive and fun activities; light-hearted.
  65. Pleasure: Experiencing joy or satisfaction.
  66. Pure Intention: Having a genuine and sincere purpose or aim.
  67. Purity: Being free from contamination or adulteration.
  68. Purposefulness: Having a clear aim or objective.
  69. Resilience: Quickly recovering from difficulties.
  70. Respect: Showing consideration and regard for someone or something.
  71. Responsibility: Being accountable for one’s actions or decisions.
  72. Satisfaction: Feeling contentment and fulfilment.
  73. Self-Discipline: Controlling one’s feelings and overcoming weaknesses.
  74. Selflessness: Putting the needs of others before one’s own.
  75. Serenity: Being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
  76. Sociability: Enjoying being with others and having friendly interactions.
  77. Stamina: Having endured physical or mental strength.
  78. Trust: Believing in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.
  79. Vigilance: Keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.
  80. Wisdom: Having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.
  81. Wonderment: Experiencing a surprising admiration or awe.

Connection :slight_smile:

What I have come to understand is that love is the key to everything. It is like the glue of the universe, connecting everything and creating a connection. By developing this quality, not only do we live a better and happier life, but we can also give much to others so they can have the same, which in turn leads to those around them having a better life, and so on. It’s a massive wave that connects everything, despite the fact that a person is limited in their perception and can’t see from a high point the enormous effect their smallest actions have on the whole planet and the entire universe.

I set my intention, and for the next 30 days, I will be developing and increasing this virtue!



By developing this quality, I can show respect towards others regardless of their character, values, views, background etc. Everyone is on their own journey and having their own experiences and learning lessons both good and bad. I’ve come to realize that I must respect others and by doing so I help others and myself to stay on the divine path. By following an ethical code I contribute to the good of the collective by staying true to myself and others while still being anchored in my highest good.

Biggest obstacle to mastering this would probably be of staying grounded and anchored in ones own truth and then being mindful and expressing from a place of higher vibrations, pertaining to the quality of honor that is.


There are at least 30 of these that I plan to get ,as I practice these,30 plus,
from the Etsy site, in the Maitreya Store there ,of course… I Have them listed and in que, sometime this year to purchase , right along with 3 Custom DM’s, on Love and 2 other topic’s.


I couldn’t decide smiling_face:
I wrote down 7 that I felt drawn to the most, on separate pieces of paper, and I folded them. Then I asked my Higher Self: “Which one I should master in this lifetime?”.
I was sure that I will pick Patience as I am not at all. My Higher Self decided that what I need to focus on is Faith. And that makes a lot of sense!
When I was a little girl my faith was so strong, that I created miracles in my family. I believed strongly that I will always receive what I asked for. And it just happened. I lost it.
You can’t manifest anything in your life without Faith.
You have to have Faith in yourself to achieve your goals.
Faith is a superpower.

It’s going to be challenging to master this. I am a suspicious adult who experienced many failures and disappointments that created blockages in my mind. I would have to get rid of many thoughts such as “There is no way it’s gonna work”, “This is crazy”, “Why it would work this time if it didn’t work out 100x so far”, " I don’t believe it" and many more.

That is very interesting when you have to focus on one thing and this is exposing all your weak spots. To experience miracles you have to believe it.

I keep my fingers crossed for all of you :crossed_fingers: I belive we can do it!


I will chose 3 that I will try to integrate during this lifetime.


To be able to recognize what we have and be grateful, not always searching for another thing to acquire in order to have gratitude toward the universe. I am very grateful during long dry fast when I recognize all the thing that I have which seems ‘normal’ in a day to day basis. I try everyday before every meal and bed to have some gratitude in my heart.


Letting people just be themselves and do not just judge them for their actions. For example when people smoke and I inhale some smoke, I recognize that I have some anger thought. I try to be more mindful for actions that I can’t control.


What to say, like gratitude when I have compassion I feel very high vibrational, and similar feeling with gratitude.



Always had a thing for purity…:slightly_smiling_face:

On a more mundane level, clean food, home etc.

But more importantly, purity for me means the true essence of something.
The true essence of my soul, of relationships, purposes, actions.
So not talking about morality here,
( even if it sometimes can be the same) since morality differs from time to time, culture and so on.

Purity is timeless, spaceless.

The challenge lies within how true can we be in our essence and still adapt to conditions in our life that at least seems to contradict the purity? Is there a contradiction at all? Is it enough to be aware of the true essence, purity, in things and still choose a little more
”unpure”approach at times?:wink:


I deleted my response.

I tried to choose one, but ended up choosing 5

Pure intention

With all these 5, I am aiming for the complete understanding of the driving central force of all my actions and remaining in alignment with that vision. My main obstacles are I want and do too many things (as is evident in the choicw of this list as well) and it becomes frustrating when I can’t see distill the cohesion between them.

Don’t feel bad, your heart is probably ready for them. I AM getting 11 of them in one shot ,if They ever get here ,been in transit for what seems like “Forever” ,Gawd, with UPS for days now. I already have two of them and love them, 3 if you count Gate of Abundance. So I will have 13 in total,until later then some additions, giving these lots of time to ‘settle’. I Love these Pendants!!

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Some of the Virtue Pendants on ETSY are Unavailable, now will they be re-stocked soon?
Thank you.

Yes, we will release them today.

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Yeah yeah! In Fact, YIPPIE!! :slight_smile: thank you.

I received DIVINE INVOCATION Pendant. today from Maitreya Fields ETSY, along with The Virtue Pedants “Imagination” & " Initiative " - PLENTY powerful, Once Im more well rested, I will Initiate full usage of this Powerful energy field DIVINE INVOCATION. I already Have THe DM versions of :Divine Activation , Divine Trinity, Soul Contract Revocation,Removing J Seals,Ancestrial Clearing DM’s and Many more. Super thankful for the release of these DM;s and super grateful to have them, utilize them. I"ve alredy felt the strong enerrgy from the Pendants, especially Divine Invocation. ALL totally worth it. More to report as He goes!

Humor me!

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