Rodin Coil / Torsion Field Generator

Has anyone attempted to play Maitreya Fields using a torsion field generator? For context, a torsion field generator - AKA Rodin coil - converts audio frequencies to magnetic fields. I got mine from Slovenia via eBay. It is shaped like a donut ring and made from epoxy resin and wound copper. Universe guides and provides, and happenstance led me to this old skool Eastern block aether tech. I like to put a glass of water inside the ring and play healing frequencies on repeat. When I drink the water it tastes alive, energized and is generally an invigorating experience. While my observation is anecdotal at best and being brand new to Maitreya Fields, I wanted to cast that question to the wind and see what blows back.

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I heard about it. I’ve never got one for myself. It’s good that old-school is back. I can feel the difference in the taste of the water before and after some energy work. Sometimes even intention can change the flavour. Or writing a label on the glass bottle with an affirmation.

You might find this free mandala quite interesting if you like to experience with water:

What other Eastern block aether techs are available now?