Reverse effect of listening

Not sure but I sometimes feel the opposite of what I’m listening to. Like “cutting cords” or what have you. I have schizo so might this be an energetic interference(or something)??

Subconsciousness limit dissolver + entity remover

Yea but mainly because of you, not the field.

I know that might not sound so nice but that’s not changing the fact that if an energyfield is well made will always work.

I appreciate the advice… I hear and feel things that only seem to want to hinder me… I’ll try EVERYTHING get back on track​:pray::crossed_fingers::heart:

That’s quite normal on the path on spirituality…

Or madness lol, they often can be pretty close to each other.

shadowwork + brainreset

The first important thing is to detach from all thinking and emotions and become an observer of “yourself”. Later you can influence things but if you are not able to detach you always gonna be a victim of your circumstances.

Don’t expect that tools will do everything for you, there has to be an active approach and a passive in letting go / releasing things at the same time.

Do breathework and meditate or some similar spiritual technique, no matter what aslong it helps to connect to your higher self and charging yourself in a balanced way.

Divine interaction also should be quite useful for you. Buddha consciousness is also very good, highly underrated.

And keep you physical body clean, shower 1-3times daily, eat alive high vibrational food etc…

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@d.b - Can you please post the link of maitreya’s Youtube video of subconcious limit dissolver?

Hi. You may want to try this for your schizophrenia: Removing Negative Entities, Bad spirits, Black boxes, Тhought Forms / Energetically Programmed Audio - YouTube

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hey bro, in the past few days you’ve created multiple threads asking the same questions and it’s flooding the forum. please stick to one thread if the questions are related or similar.

a lot of modalities and teachings say that schizophrenia is often connected to entities - and there’s many different forms of entities. but I suggest you use this field from Maitreya:

there is also an entity clearing from Sapien:

lastly, here is one more entity clearing but using Access Consciousness:

for reversing the effects of other fields you have used, you can use Full Restart:

between all those, that should be enough to help you out.


Thanks bud. I will and let you know. :pray: