Results and a few questions

Hi I am new here and terrible at computer navigation , My teenage honor role student has been trying to help, I could not figure out how to add to my results post so here goes. I used the Bramacaraya and results were near instant I slipped but what a difference. I have never boxed before in my life I am 54, and wow, I joined Muay Thai boxing, a couple weeks did it, The Hercules demi God immediately I got buff The truth field also instantly and all these fields build in power as I have used them I quit smoking too 45 years worth of Tobacoo and sex addiction gone in less than a month I have also have felt my vibration lift dramatically and even music sounds louder and clearer, The ojas is priceless , as well as the triple dantien alignment Thank you Maitreya Where can I send a lengthy e-mail about my psychic attack problem or should I just let it all hang out here? Also does your egregor dm and life coach dm come in a form other than a mandala . Thanks again Blessing to everyone here Chuck


Life feels better when you raise your vibrations, isn’t it? Sensitivity increases. Thanks for sharing these results.
Egregor and Life Coach only come as a mandala. Have you tried this for attacks before?