Removing negative entities, bad spirits, black boxes, thought forms

Hello all you amazing beings.

Im not really new to this forum altho this account is (couldnt remember my last account after getting a new phone and being inactive here for a while).

Back to topic, I had an interesting experience with this field recently. I was seeing two Aliens/Entities watching me. They looked kinda like the alien in the movie E.T with the same big eyes, small chin etc. Altho these where in a kind of silver grey.

Normally this would kind of freakt me out but I was feeling calm and without fear as I experienced this, I didnt really feel threathen by them but concidiring the name of the field im guessing they where not the best kind of entities to have around oneself?

I would love to hear what you guys might know or thing regarding this.

Kind regards,

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If silver-gray come to your space you have to give your will very categorically that you don’t want them to be there and they don’t have this right. Also to leave your space.


Thanks for your reply Maitreya!

Im guessing from your reply that, this is nothing I should want to have around?

Hmm I think I understand what you mean, but dont know how to do so, visualize them leaving or actually saying the words out loud or feeling an energy/emotion that I dont agree with having them around?

Sorry for asking but im not so experienced with such mathers, im sure your answer is enough just my perception is not getting it.

Much love.

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Doesn’t really matter how. Your categorical intention will do the job.
Make it as you feel it.


Probably you are seeing the Grey Aliens? Not sure they are friendly or not.

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