Relationship Healing Personal Energy Healing Session

Relationship Healing

Our Relationship Healing service is a personalized energy healing session where, upon your request, we examine and heal the relationships between you and another individual. Any type of relationships can be considered and treated – be it personal, familial, professional, between parents and children, spouses, and so on. This session is particularly beneficial for those who seek to understand the exact dynamics in their relationship with another, especially when the dynamics or the other person’s feelings, or even your own, are unclear. The goal is to elevate the relationship to its highest and most positive state.

In this session, you will gain clarity about the situation. Simultaneously, any stagnant or improperly distributed energy between you will be cleared. Unnecessary energetic and emotional burdens, mistaken ideas, inappropriate projections will be removed. The energy will be correctly redistributed, and you will be offered the highest Divine understanding of your situation. This enlightenment will enable you to make the most accurate decisions and take the most appropriate actions.

Energy clearing brings liberation from foreign emotional weights, ideas, feelings, and attitudes that aren’t yours and aren’t beneficial to your life. The other party also receives such relief and healing. This method works even if one person has passed away and you need to lighten the energetic burden, forgive, apologize, or free yourself from dysfunctional relationships that existed between you.

How it works: It is necessary for you to be one of the parties in this relationship. Healing cannot be requested for the relationship of other people. Please provide your name and a photo, as well as the name of the other person and what is your relationship. A photo of the other person can be helpful but is not mandatory. After the energy healing is conducted, you will receive a report via email detailing what was observed during the session, the dynamics that emerged, and what actions were taken to heal the situation and the relationship.

Please forward your request to the following email address: custom [!at] Your request will be processed within a two-week period.


Looks very interesting, very deep and definitely beneficial !! Just got the “Miracles” Virtues pendant and the drop pendant 'Release anger and helpnessness " yesterday. VERY POWERFUL already so I know these personal session will equally so…oh and just because something subtle at first does not mean it won’t be kick ass in the helpful, beneficial department of your LIFE !! Peace.

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