Engagement & Wedding Blessing

This service is intended for couples who, formally or informally, want to declare their commitment to each other and become a pair. We will create an energetically-programmed field specifically for them, which can be incorporated into rings, medallions, or digital mandalas.

The field includes the energy of:

True Love
The highest understanding of partnership
Depending on the circumstances - the highest understanding of a man, a woman, a family, the most harmonious relationship within the couple.

Also whatever this couple needs for their highest good will be included into the field.

This field is perfect for a wedding gift or an engagement present.

How to order:

Send us a photo of you and your partner, your names, and if you have any special requests for the field to custom [!at] maitreyafields.com. Send us also a picture of your wedding or engagement rings or any other item you want this field to be programmed into and we will remotely program them. If you would like to have the field programmed into a Digital Mandala, please let us know.

If you are purchasing the field as a gift, let us know and we will send a certificate that you can print and present to the couple or can email it to them if this is what you prefer. When they wish, they will get in touch with us and send us their request for the field, and we will send it directly to them. Please do not send us photos of the couple for whom the gift is intended.