Relationship Healing

This field is made to heal the relationship you have hardship in it. All you need to do is when you listen to this field, to think for the person that you want your relationship to be healed. It will clear the blocks that you have and remove some negative emotions and aspects.

Also it will send unconditional love to the person you are thinking of and it will fill all their bodies and aura.

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Wow this is gold


if there is a problem thinking clearly , does it work for instance issues with family in the past automatically?

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can you use this on groups at a time, or only single specific people?


You’ll get better results by focusing on one person at a time. I have had many people in my life who have hurt me, so l’ve been listening to this 3x a day, and thinking of only 1 person per day. I’ve been feeling more pleasant thinking of them after doing that vs before.

I would suggest doing this way, even if Maitreya programmed it to work on groups of people as well


When I used this, I played it on repeat for a while, probably over an hour. The first person I focused on took a while, probably more than half of the session (I had lots of regret & pain tied up in that relationship). To help me maintain focus for that long, I went on Facebook and found a picture of them to look at. Eventually I moved on to a few others, then got an interesting bit of guidance from my Higher Self.

I was told that there were relationship conflicts from when I was a young child that were negatively affecting me that I’m unaware of. I guess I was too young so I don’t remember what happened. Anyway, I gave my Higher Self permission to use the energy work in the audio to address those relationships on my behalf, and then felt more being released - even though I had no idea who those people were.

After that I worked through many more people in my mind until I reached a fatigue point and knew it was time to stop.

I shared all of this partially to say that there are many ways to use these tools, and not always in the generalized way laid out in the description. It is good to read & understand the instructions provided, but always follow your intuition & higher guidance first.


Thank you for that very good tip! I sure hope my higher self knows how to use Facebook :joy:


But can the person only be thought of for the first few seconds or must they be thought of for the entire duration of the audio? Thank you

I noticed better results, when I used this as a form of conscious meditation. I used picture and played audio twice. Sometimes, I wrote down affirmations for example “I forgive you for …” or when I was the bad one, I apologized using audio first, then in person.

But now that is a digital mandala how we should behave?

For the best results, hold it (printable) or look at it (digital) and focus on the person. Mandala is boosted so you might need less time, but follow your inner voice.

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Thank you…but i have a folder with some mandalas:manager v2,emitter,optimizer and infinty repeater…So how should I behave?

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Open Relationship Healing on your device for the best results, and focus your attention on the person you want to improve your relationship with. You can send the intention to the mandala, say the name of this person, and close your eyes during meditation. You don’t need to starry at the mandala. This worked the best for me.

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It is up to you. You need to make this decision or allow your HS to do it.