Questions about the videos

  1. Are the videos posted on Patreon boosted x3 and such or is it just regular?

  2. For Gumroad videos, some do not list boosted etc such as testosterone but are they still boosted?

patreon no, gumroad all boosted except soul restoration.

there is a FAQ post that answers these if you have any other questions


I have a question, can I hear all the fields asleep or do I have to be awake

You can listen to all of them while you sleep except v1 subconscious reprogrammer, v2 Imagination, v3 copier


the field of Raise Your Vibrational State and that of Brahmacarya God - Retention and transmutation of NoFap semen how should I use them

I just listen to them 2-3x a day but you can listen longer