Natural Grow Taller

Hi @Maitreya , you say this should be used 2 - 3 times. The YouTube audio is about 10 minutes long, and the Patreon audio 4. So which one should we use 2 to 3 times? I guess the Patreon should be used about 6 to 9 times to equate the listening time of the YouTube one (?)


I think the paid for fields are 3x the strength even though they are shorter. I would still recommend 2-3 times. no need to overdue it in my opinion but others may suggest something else

2-3 times for youtube and patreon = 1 time gumroad.


I was trying to figure this out too. For an audio on Patreon, I remember you had responded to someone’s question saying there were no difference between the Youtube version and Patreon version. But if the time is shorter for the Patreon version, and the strength is the same as the Youtube version, one would have to compensate for the listening time, wouldn’t they? I am confused. Lol

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You trade time for free
you pay to save time

Time is money brother , heee

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I’m pretty sure you would have to loop the Patreon audio 6 to 9 times. Patreon audios aren’t boosted as far as I know


Sorry but I just want to clarify to not get any unwanted side effects. I now have the gumroad version of this audio. Could you please tell me exactly how many times should I use it? And If there’s side effects if I use it more for this audio?

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I am listening the gumroad version probably 100 times a day. Now I am scared.

Every person is different. I recommend listening to it 2-3 times, but people write me emails how they loop audios 2 weeks at night. :smiley:

This won’t get faster results with physical changes, with mental and emotional yes. With physical changes can do even harm even when we reduce the side effects from every audio at minimum. Again depends from the field… It’s one thing to grow taller and other change your nose shape.

Even with that… I can’t say listen to it only 3 times, because some people have faster results with the loops and some have none, because they overwhelm their system.

Here are many factors, what is your energy system, from how long do you listen fields, etc. People who listen fields from 3-4 years don’t have any problem to loop it one night, but if you start soon you can get overwhelmed by 2 listens only and feel like drained orange. :slight_smile:

For the fields Grow Taller from gumroad i recommend 2-3 listens like in youtube as people told me that youtube audio is not strong enough.


what will happen if i listen to fields to long beaucse i usally just loop them while doing work

Hey maitreya, I am Tahmid from youtube. You told me to send you a mail in the matter of the “grow taller” video. Sadly I couldn’t find your email :frowning: Can you please give me your mail?
My mail:
I love you so much for the work you are doing :heart:

Here you go, mate:

Maitreya, I listening the gumroad version 3x in the day and 3x in night when I sleep for one month. Is it enough?

i thought you just keep listeing untill your happy with results

Until you reach your goal.

I understand that. I juat want to know 3X a day is enough or I can listen a lot more than that. I listen to the quantum booster btw.

anyone seen results with height

Can I listen to the fields with Bluetooth speakers or does that affect anything? Can someone tell me if you have had results using it with bluetooth speakers?

Yes, no problem