How many mandalas can I use at the same time?

Are they less effective together?

Can they be used in conjunction with mandalas from other creators?

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Not less effective

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Yes, you can carry several mandalas with you. I have 8 by Programmed-Intention, one by Dreamweaver and 2 by Maitreya if you want to include the digital energy increaser.
I consider that every mandala is a musical instrument, each one makes beautiful music for itself, but when several musical instruments come together something else creates something that is larger than the individual musical instruments alone. A synergy that creates something that is more and greater than the individual. So when you have several mandalas they look more like an orchestra, at least that’s how I feel.


And even you print several copies of Mandala.
That will increase its power.

Why do you need more power?
PI mandalas will increase
Sapiens will not
Maity’s I’m not sure of
SES will
Aether Frequencies will

Why do you need more power?

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To act faster.
Not always will be necessary though.

What is SES?

I don’t find Aether frequencies on youtube

They are websites :

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Can you do this? Is this even legal? :smiley:


I suppose so, I also edited the sapiens empathic protection mandala to stay in desktop resolution, and I still feel it works, it looks like this:


do you have the description of this mandala?

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Energetic Mandala Series, These are created to create an energy field around you that does what the words say, You can print and keep around you or use it as a phone wallpaper. It will work towards helping to provide you with a measure of empathic shielding in your daily life. You can keep it in your wallet or pocket, where ever you think appropriate