Question about hormone balancer healer

It’s unisex, but I’m confused at how if women and men have different endocrine systems? And what exactly does hormone balance imply, the correct release of hormones at a given time? Does it help with PCOS?
I’ve been listening to it, but I’m hoping this is actually beneficial to me. I’m just confused because this was never clarified.

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We have the same endocrine glands except different gonads. I think this field work with our individual body to get our hormones in check. The hormone balance is to get your hormones back into the normal range whether it was low or high range.

@Maitreya Am I right in my thinking?


Yup, it’s made to work individually with every person.


Can I listen with Sapien’s Meno-Unpause, cause I’ve been doing that? Are they complimentary?