I want to thank Maitreya for how she has helped me

And Sapien too tbh. As his work has also been incredibly helpful.

But probably mostly Maitreya, I’d say.

I’ve a problem with my testicles as they have been chemically mutilated and super low t is destroying my life and body.

But today for the first time in months I felt the impulse of healthy testosterone thanks mostly to her testosterone fields.

These are wow. Amazing. Truly the best.

I’ve also used plasma beach from Sapien as support. And divine truth from Maitreya too to keep my sight set in important stuff.

And I think I feel health at least partially coming back. It doesn’t say, but, the testosterone and Greek God testosterone fields should produce permanent changes with time, right? :sweat_smile: Because it does feel like that tbh.

Truly thank you, Maitreya et. al., you’ve given me hope.


Hey, aeturfie! Thank you for the feedback! It’s much appreciated. :slight_smile:
I am really happy that you are feeling better and that we could help with your healing and improving your life without pain.

Most of the changes that you will have as results from the field are permanent. Hormonal changes are not permanent, but once they become at their normal rates you won’t need the field anymore as the body have produced enough for years.


thank you so much. so you should be able to slowly stop once testosterone reaches optimal levels, right? at least most likely right?

this i say as person with super low t and mutilated gonads right now.

just wanted to clarify. and thank you again. :pray:

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