Does an audio needs to be heard to have effect?

I am wondering how these morphic fields and energetically programmed audio’s work? Can I for example have an audio playing in a carry-bag, or have a couple of headphones around my neck with an audio playing at a low volume? I couldn’t find a thread on this, but maybe there’s something I overlooked.

Best results are by using speakers but headphones will also work - any kind of speakers or headphones as long as they are within your field (2-3 meters). Maitreya says that for her audio fields they should be at 10% volume or higher. But if you’re concerned about device/volume levels you could try using the DMs/mandalas.


Yes you can. It will work just as well. You don’t have to hear the field, you have to be able to hear the field. If it’s physically putting out sound waves that you could hear if you took out your ear plugs or turned off the fan or put the ear buds in, the field is there. If air if physically being vibrated by the music, the field is there.