Purpose Pendant


We inhabit a world often driven by greed and immediate needs, distancing us from our spiritual selves and leading us to act predominantly on ego. Frequently, we pursue or desire things that are ultimately detrimental, a common trajectory that can lead to chaos and a loss of our true essence. Imagine having a guide that nudges you towards making the right choices, even when you might not initially want to.

Key Insights and Transformative Effects:

Childhood Analogy:

Reflect on how, as children, we often wanted things that were not beneficial, and how our parents’ intervention, though seemingly harsh at the time, was actually for our good. As adults, we realize their guidance was right.
Higher Self Guidance:

This field connects you with your higher self, ensuring that your life’s decisions and events are influenced by this wiser, more knowing aspect of yourself.
For instance, it may prevent you from pursuing relationships or desires driven by ego that are not genuinely right for you.
Prevention of Detrimental Manifestations:

With this field, any actions or desires harmful to your well-being are blocked by your higher self.
It redirects your focus towards what is truly beneficial for you in both the material and spiritual realms.
Embracing Long-Term Benefits:

There may be moments of discomfort in not getting what you immediately want, but the long-term rewards are substantial.
It’s important to be mindful that this intense level of guidance might not be suitable for everyone.
Ego Surrender and Reality Shift:

The Higher Purpose Field: Guiding You Towards Spiritual Alignment

This field can significantly alter your reality, pushing you towards your most beneficial path, determined by your higher self.
It entails a complete surrender of ego-driven desires, which can be especially helpful for those feeling lost or struggling to connect with their higher selves.
Breaking Illusions:

It assists those who are trapped in the illusions of their ego or mistakenly believe they are on the right path.

The Higher Purpose Field is a profound tool for realigning with your spiritual path, guided by the wisdom of your higher self. It challenges you to surrender your ego-centric lifestyle in favor of a path that serves your true, long-term well-being, both materially and spiritually.


Hi maitreya team, Thank you for this pendant!

I have a question, it is the same field that the ‘Higher purpose’ mandala or does it have some difference?
Because the description has been changed.

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The fields are the same, but now it’s also available as a pendant.

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