PURE ANDROSTERONE - Alpha Male and Respect

ANDROSTERONE is pheromone that will bring to you alpha male radiance and respect from others.

Androsterone is a weak androgenic prohormome that acts as pheromone and a strong anti-aromatase even stronger than dht, and antidepressant (pro-GABA), thyroid mimetic (will boost your metabolism), will increase insulin sensitivity and reduce cortisol and andrenaline. Also will increase BDNF and as a result is a brain protective. Androsterone acts as a strong pheromone that will make you a pure alpha male that will give you power and respect.

Listen only 1-2 times a day. DO NOT OVERUSE!
Gumroad version only once a day!

Here are a few of androsterone’s benefits:
✓ anti-tumor
✓ anti-proliferative
✓ sedative, anti-depressant, pro-GABA
✓ very potent anti-aromatase, even stronger than DHT itself
✓ it’s almost as strong as Aromasin (exemestane) and they have very similar structures
✓ anti-convulsant
✓ thyroid mimetic, and therefore boosts metabolism by increasing basal temperature, oxygen consumption and lowers lipid levels in humans
✓ increases insulin sensitivity
✓ anti-adrenaline, anti-cortisol (GABA inhibits cortisol), pro-dopamine and anti-prolactin
✓ activates FXR, which increase bile release plus a whole lot of other actions
✓ Increases BDNF and is brain protective
✓ vasorelaxant


are these the exact vibration/energy structure of this pheromone? or is it just imitated? i am asking because many channels imitate the energy signature.



thank you.

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