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As you know androgen receptors sensitivity is the alpha and omega of the male masculinity and androgenic hormones. Some guys lacking that sensitivity and density due to imbalances and bad lifestyle of their puberty. So we decided to make a field to give you all that sensitivity back. So this field will safely and extremely increase the density/or number and the sensitivity of your androgen receptors. Will give you the IDEAL ANDROGEN RECEPTORS like you could have after a great puberty at the top supernatural genetics (1% genetics).

*This field have blockages for side effects.

This field will try to improve your AR sensitivity mainly into your muscles and your desired areas to be extremely safe for usage.

This will allow your body to respond amazingly well to androgens like Testosterone and DHT, making muscular development and fatloss more efficient.


Another field tested and confirmed, this is one of my favorites, when combined with fields like the bramchardia field, and the androstenol fields I have seen changes in voice, physical appearance, energy, and even thought and behavior changes related to feeling as if I am on top of my game. This is awesome thank you!

This shows results after first listen. Bigger fuller muscles :ok_hand:

seems like best AR field so far-up’s results in all ways, including Pheromones, strength, and psychological benefits


Ouu yes !!! It’s strong but i prefer SZ Ar field (It’s even stronger than Binaural Nutrition)


I would use both. You get density and sensitivity

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It is permanent? Should have a limit use?

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After a certain time, it’ll become permanent.
2-3x unless you can handle more.


Ok thanks

For sensitivity i use MEF Ar
Usually i put in storage item SZ Androgen receptors, Mef AR and Flow of Jing (Sapien)
Seems like a great combo