Pregnancy Support

Any field/fields i can use for my wife, something for smooth pregnancy experience and normal delivery ??

Edit : also wondering if the video " Energy Increaser + Three Treasures / Energetically Programmed Audio" together with "Collagen booster 2.0 (Sapien) " is safe to use with her ?


Hi :slightly_smiling_face::pray::sunny:!

Congratulations !! It’s a great event to be a dad !!

Maitreya offers this energy audio for pregnancy :pregnant_woman:


Thank you :smiley: :smiley:

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Pregnant women and kids it’s better t don’t listen.

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How about your digital Home.mandalas and water mandala (the one you just posted yesterday) ??

These can be used. With other ones 1-2 times a day maximum if needed (audios). For digital mandalas that make changes 24/7 on the energetical bodies - better not.


Thank you so much for directly replying :smile:

Ill keep the 4 home mandalas and the water mandala

and use wireless earbuds for now
i still can play your audios as long as she cant hear them, right ?

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yeah, earbuds are perfect for this case

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Thank you :smiley: