Persistent dilemma with teeth

So, since I was young, I’ve had cavities. Sucks, to say the least. And as an adult, despite oil pulling and alkalizing/anti-bacterial mouthwashes, supplements (intake of protein powder did help for a while – maybe there’s a nutrient or absorption deficiency?) and good mouth hygiene, I can’t seem to win the battle against decay. Stranger still, stuff mostly appears on the left side of my mouth. I looked into what organs the affected teeth supposedly correspond to (thyroid, stomach, small intestine) and tried to heal those as best I could as well. I’ve also been working on addressing emotional trauma as well. All this for years.

I was wondering if anyone could help me as there’s clearly something much deeper at play here that needs to be resolved. Blockages of some kind, maybe?

I’m not sure if I should try reaching out to Brenda again, whom I saw named in other threads. I’d love to get to the root of this with healing and start improving inside and out. I reached out to her once, though, and never got a reply, so I left it at that. I’m kinda desperate here, though. I’ve been super consistent with teeth and general healing-related fields across different creators so… not sure where else to go from here to address deep-rooted challenges.

I guess there’s no avoiding traditional dental work, as much as I’m not a fan. But whatever I’m dealing with has caused fillings to fall out recently, too. And those weren’t Super Ancient Fillings or anything, I’m not THAT old, lmao. (FWIW I don’t grind my teeth, no jaw pain or anything like that.)

I’d appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you!

Hello. I’ve noticed that people who have teeth problems have difficulty asserting themselves, setting boundaries and ‘biting’ when need be. It is a matter of shadow integration and having the ability to protect yourself and use aggression if that is required.
The left side of the body has to do with the feminine, personal relationships, love…So do you think there might be an issue with you asserting and protecting yourself in your personal relationships? Left side is connected to the mother too,


Nail on the head. As of late I’ve had some big, difficult conversations with my mom and released a lot of emotion, so I’m hoping that helps. I’ve also set some boundaries with her too. I guess I’m also not really sure how to use aggression effectively, either.

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You may want to check out those:

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I would actually like to offer a perspective from TCM which I’ve found to be quite accurate in my own experience. It’s the link between the kidneys, specifically the strength and quality of kidney qi, and so called harder aspects of the body like the bones, teeth, hair and nails. Basically I’ve found that bad habits of mine like excessive fear and anxiety (which are linked to the kidney organs) as well as excessive usage of porn have had some kind of impact on the flow of qi that nourishes the health of my teeth for example. Also regarding dental treatment, as I’ve leaned deeper into silence, I’ve actually had a kind of reversal and recognition of the effects of treatments that I’ve had in the past like teeth cleaning. You know where they use a really high frequency kind of metal toothpick to “clean” your teeth of dental calculus? And it leads me to believe that these treatments are actually probably more negative than positive. In TCM, the kidneys are also linked to the faculty of hearing, and basically discordant sounds can affect the health of kidneys, and the health of kidneys also affects the quality of hearing e.g. tinnitus.

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Fear and anxiety… that speaks to me. You know, I had a kidney stone a couple years back and holy hell I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. About hearing… maybe it’s relevant that I hear things very well, whether I want to or not, or so I’m told, and have misophonia. Thank you for sharing your take on it. I’m always interested in hearing about different approaches and explanations surrounding healing ailments.

Edit: I guess it’s no mere coincidence that I came across this a few weeks ago: TCM | Water Element | Dr & Master Sha | Tao Practice to Heal Kidneys | Hearing Bladder |Bones | fear - YouTube

Did you try the 3 new Internal Alchemical of Sapien? One is on Sapien’s channel and the other two in Dream’s.
I tried with my family and they feel so much better in everything.
I used many combined boosters (Maitreya and others) to have an instant effect.
Hope my very little help will be usefull. Let me know :slight_smile:

@swordsdance have you tried some of the suggestions?

I didn’t get any of the buyables (yet?) as shared above, but I have been working on trying to speak up more in difficult situations.

They’re all free from youtube! Give them a try. :smiley:

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