Opinion about field storage center

As I had already said in the field suggestions, I need to draw attention to the fact that the field storage center does not store the full potential of its fields, I am not the only one who had this experience, many people did, I knew I was weaker , just didn’t know how much it was, and the difference really is big, an example is the ascension symptoms audio, while it provides a little relief while used on a storage item, when used with field distance booster it gave me amazing results, all gone, everything that held me back, I spent the most peaceful afternoon I could have at work, the difference is very clear, and cannot be overcome simply by the fact that in a storage item the field is stored 12 hours, no matter how long of time passes, the results don’t equal, if that’s the case, then I prefer to abandon field storage center and just use fiend distance booster, I’ll create a playlist with all the audios I have in storage items and use during the day with field distance booster, however, it is not so practical, especially if many fields per day are used, that’s why I come to draw attention to field storage center, maybe it can be improved, I don’t know the logic behind field storage center, and maybe it can’t be improved, but I wanted to leave my experience and opinion after almost 1 year of use.


Did you use silver?
I don’t think we will have maximum results if we use low conductor metals, such as aluminium, stainless steel, etc.

I bought sterling silver beads. I heard that silver products have strong conductivity. A small bead stores a magnetic field and wears it on me, Can feel the field

I use copper coins, copper is more conductive than silver or gold, I don’t think that’s the point.


Do you recommend using “DM Distance Fields and Booster”?

I want a tool that can bring out the full potential of audios.

I also have FIELD STORAGE and my opinion is the same as yours…

I don’t know how much the distance field booster can help in the field storage center, I’ve done this combination a few times but not much to say.