New Website

We are pleased to announce the new site from which you can purchase the audio files that were in Gumroad. We have made a promotion for the opening with a -20% discount on all products.



Super :slightly_smiling_face::pray::heart::sunny:!!!

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on gumroad there were important taxes (France), it is not cool :confused:.

By changing the country on the options I could not continue the purchase.

maybe it will be different from your site.

otherwise how can we get around this?

59 dollars de taxe…:disappointed:

Maitreya … I hope your promo code will last a week :blush::purse::dollar::pray:

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i am so happy i just bought 4 camps, gumroad wasn’t working since yesterday for me…thanks Maitreya




Yeah, it will last one week. :pray:

This can be a solution. :slight_smile:

Yeah, there are some problems with Gumroad. Now we have alternative. Fast results with your new audios! :pray: :love_letter:


ok cool I’ll test :wink:

A big thank you Maitreya :slightly_smiling_face::pray::heart::sunny:

could u refund the difference for the copier I bought? worth a try :laughing:

Very glad to see this development! Now you’ve more control over your own content, which is awesome. Happy for you



Could you please add a filter for mandalas?



Done, great suggestion!
You can download them from now from the website :slight_smile:

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/Copier hype intensifies

A quick thing I’d like to confirm, though – when entering card deets and full name under Payment Options, does Buy Now do just that, or does that button take you to a confirmation screen where it shows the additional taxes and such? I’d imagine it’s the latter but I just want to make sure before I go through with anything.


Very good idea but I don’t see filter options to order the products.

Hi Maitreya!
Congratulations on the new website :tada: I might have to hit that sale and add to my collection.

Will you be adding the youthful skin with tan field?

Will the tanning make you freckle? Someone once commented on Sapien’s tanning field that they got freckles instead of a tan ( I suppose this is what genetically they are prone to doing in the sun instead of tanning) :grimacing: I don’t want this!

A tan field?
That is great.
I asked for a sun tanning too.

There are two youthful skin fields by Maitreya in gumroads, one if those has tanning benefits. I just want to make sure I won’t freckle lol

Congrats on the new website, Maitreya.

Can you add filters like “Best Selling” and “New”?

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can I still download from gumroad of the audios I have purchased a week ago?