20% OFF Sale

Hey, guys!
For one week we have 20% off on all products on Gumroad and the website.

You can use code: g7xn7fv


Thank you Maitreya!..

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My next purchase: D.M. Warrior Presence? D.M. Samurai?:thinking::thinking:

warrior mannn the samurif good too but maybe the warrior has more dislpline

Before I buy something, this sale cannot be combined with the coupon we have from patreon, right? It’s just a pain in the ass, that the savings get terminated by the tax, I have to pay :roll_eyes:

You can use VPN. Change your location to United Arab Emirates for example and your tax will be 0% :slightly_smiling_face:


A week means Aug.22?

Is it legal?

I’m not sure, but I do this way without any problems :grinning:

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