Website Sale

Hey, guys!
We are releasing a one-week website discount with 20% off on all products.

I would like also to announce that we are preparing some cool pendants to be released in a few weeks (working on them almost all the time).

And also many new fields for Youtube and Gumroad, which are given as ideas from all of you in the Creative Game.


Nice !
I was thinking about buying the story teller yesterday. I’m happy I didnt do it. Was on the fence about buying or not ,because there aren’t many reviews, but I’m just going to pull the trigger on it. :blush:


Thank you VERY MUCH :slight_smile:


I can’t enter the code in Gumroad. Maybe it needs to be enabled?

Is anyone able to enter the discount code into Gumroad?

You mean dont appear to add it? If so add other free thing

I don’t see where to put the code.

You added 2 things?

That’s 1 item in my cart.

Add another one which is free

There’s nothing free there.


I got that to work. Thanks. It doesn’t seem like that’s how gumroad is supposed to work. But it does and thanks.

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At your service :grin:

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Top tier customer service


Problems from yesterday with Gumroad are fixed, I think.


Yes, Gumroad is fixed! Thank you :pray:


I am eagerly waiting for the Pendants!! I am hopin they come out while the sale is still on. I want to buy Maya Ruler but holding off for the :grin: pendants


@Maitreya I think today might be the last day of your sale? Or tomorrow? one week from the 26th.

So I though you’d want to know, the DM’s you released within the last 24 hours or so do not have an option for a discount code. Some people might want to take advantage of this timing to go on a shopping spree.

The last day or two of a good sale, plus new cool DM’s are out = shopping spree. Weeee. Except Gumroad is standing in the way.

Not Gumroad personally, just needs to be configured to include the new DMs in the sale I think.

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Why not just purchase them through the Maitreya store?