New Release; Autism Healing for Children

Mp3 file: Autism Below 18 Years – This should be listened ONLY 1 TIME A DAY from the child.

Mp3 file: Mercury and heavy metals removal – This should be listened ONLY 1 TIME A DAY from the child.

Mp3 file: Parents Belief Systems Change- This have to be listened from parents, as much as they want. 2-3 times a day at least.

Autism is not a disease. It is a little understood developmental brain disorder that

affects a small percentage of the population. In spite of over 50 years of research on

autism it is still a little understood disorder.

Autism is a problem with the nervous system. It is a developmental disorder and it

usually manifests itself before the child is three years old. Signs of autism include self

absorption, lack of reaction to other people, constantly rocking, or sitting by themselves

in silence. They have a difficult time making friends, having conversations and having

a preoccupation to the details of an object. Autistic children have a tendency to withdraw

within themselves.

The evidence indicates that it is a nervous disorder. It can also be a genetic disorder;

it can be caused by a brain injury before or after birth. There is speculation that it could

be caused by venereal diseases or viral infections.

Four times as many boys suffer from autism than girls and there are varying degrees of

autism. This is likely due to the fact that little boys are more vulnerable to different influences

in the womb during fetal development. It is my opinion that there is a direct connection

between autism and inoculations. Children with mild autism can also become

very high achievers when they grow up. Children with more severe autism avoid physical

contact and show no signs of understanding. Many of them do not attempt to communicate,

but some of them will make gestures and sounds. Medical Science believes there

is no cure for autism. Doctors believe that they should be assessed by an experienced

psychologist and placed in programs that might help them.

The first kind of autism is caused by tragic birth or trauma during birth. It is as if the spirit is pulled a little bit

away from the body. They have never discovered a medication that helps autism; however,

we have found that how to put the spirit back into their space.

The other form of autism that I’ve observed seems to be caused by too much mercury in the system. I believe the mercury is coming from vaccinations as well as from

the mothers milk. No matter how many times you put the energy back into the body,

the body will not hold that energy because the mercury is reintroduced into the system.

We are changing mercury structure so it can become a harmless substance for the body.

Pulling the heavy metals out is the key.

It is also important to work on the Belief Systems of the parents. These Beliefs are centered around that it is possible that the child can get better.

Autism Supplements That Can Help and Speed the Healing

  • Suggest the use of apple juice to pull the mercury out of their body. Continue

to use Apple juice for several months.

  • Making sure that the child has good vitamins and minerals is also very important.

  • Vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B complex (children’s vitamins.)

  • Limit the use of wheat products. Gluten.

  • No soft drinks of any kind.

  • No processed sugar.

  • No red and yellow dye (dyes in foods).


Thank you so much. I have Autism and while Sapien’s field helps, it doesn’t treat me to a noticeable extent (most likely because I’m only high-functioning)

I’ll definitely buy this once i’m able to.


It’s free bro :wink:

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It’s free, mate :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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Are you going to make one for adults with autism at some point?

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Can we use this even as adults?

Yes, i removed the age from the field and added if someone around doesn’t have autism to don’t be affected from that field.


this helped me but i feel its not birth trauma just trauma .

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So autistic adults have only to hear the autism fike and tge mercury one, isnt it?

Without parents file…

I was wondering would it be ok for everyone to listen to the Mercury and Heavy Metals field to remove them from our bodies? Especially people who have tooth fillings, I believe there was a lot of Mercury in the old fillings which could be causing harm to the body also.

What does your intuition say?


Well my intuition was telling me that I could listen to it Frank, but I said to myself, I better ask the question just to be on the safe side anyway. Better safe than sorry as they say. Wait…You’re Not Frank!!! :astonished: Now I don’t know what or who to believe!!! :joy:

Thank you for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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Me too I ask myself the question because I have dental lead filling.

At the moment I cannot withdraw them. According to my research this type of blockage is harmful over time. This accumulation of mercury and lead can create imbalances in the body.

I think this field and the " eternal cleaner "field can help the body to get rid of it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart :yellow_heart: Maitreya for these important fields !!!

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Thank you for mentioning the eternal cleaner @anon89995593 I will try both of these fields as I have fillings in my teeth going on 25 years now and I’m sure they must be causing some awful issues.
Take care and I hope the fields help you :v:t4:

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I thank you, take care of you too and I wish you a quick recovery :wink:

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Sending holiday blessings to you and yours :pray:t2:


Guys, does anybody know if heavy metals removal can remove certain metals besides harmful ones (lead,mercury, aluminum,etc ). If we give a command to our subconscious to expel heavy metals, could it have a potentially harmful effects?

This is a huge mistake and you will harm yourself with such command.


Does the once a day limit still apply if you are above 18?