DM: KIDS Mandala (below 12 years old)

DM: KIDS Mandala (below 12 years old)

· Sending unconditional love

· Clearing the space around the child

· Sending Guardian Angel to protect it

· Protecting from negative energies and entities

· Cleansing negative programming, negative memories, negative emotions, traumas of the period of life from the moment of conception to the present moment

· Removing fears and shocks (from dark, dogs, or if something happened that was traumatizing)

· Establishes the child’s connection with the Higher Self

· Self-love and acceptance, feeling worthy and whole

· Self boundaries (if their Higher Self accepts this and doesn’t have other plans/things to learn)


My nephews are far away and I don’t see them.

Is there any way to send this energy to them from a distance? With another creator we lay photos of our loved ones on their DMs and it transmits the energy. Please consider doing that with this one if you haven’t @Maitreya

You can do this with your intention.

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I was literally contemplating requesting a DM for Guardian Angel. While contemplating, tabbed over here and saw this.


Can 12+ also use it? :grinning:

Also is it safe for 1 years olds?

Or is there a minimal age like atleast 6-7?



Like how sapiens intercession tag allows guardians to help but not direct contact?

Was hoping there would be a field for guardians and spirit guides to be allowed to help but also cause direct contact so you know who they are and what to do.


Hey @Maitreya can this help a child in a bad situation where they have neglectful parents?

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I’m not Maitreya but I’m sure the answer is Yes. 100% sure.


Yeah, this mandala is made specifically for kids below 12 years. The energy is very soft and gentle.

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Can 12+ also use it?

Wanna see if I have a guardian angel :joy::joy:


The part with guardian angel will work for adults.
For other fields have a lot stronger versions put out there.


Hi. Thank you so much for this. :heart:

  1. Is this meant to be kept close to the child as much as possible, or will the parents administer this some other way? (range, how to use it)

  2. Will other fields be too strong for children? (protection fields, etc.)

  3. I was thinking, could it be an idea to add subconsious protection into this field as well? Many kids are exposed to a lot of subliminal programming through TV and other devices…

Maybe in time fields tailored for the different age-groups could be created, to have fields specific for the childs current stage of development.

Again, thank you. This will help a lot of little ones. :heart:

This would be awesome if the range is 50 metres like home series. It could be the starting to help the world putting it in houses and public places, like schools, squares, and also everywhere a kid is. :smiley:

@Genius @Vega @Maitreya

i want to use this for 1 year old boy

using usb field emitter and field broadcaster,
is it Ok?


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thank you, going to do this today

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Thinking of giving this to a family member but will removing negative memories be okay? Even if some stuff are ‘negative’ they could still be a necessary memory

@Maitreya @Genius @Vega ?

Yes, that’s fine don’t worry.

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