Allergies Remover (Experimental)

Allergy Subconscious Program Neutralization

This field has been designed to change your subconscious and/or ancestral programs or past life programs that cause your body to have an allergic reaction to various substances.

Sometimes we may have had an experience that endangered us or was associated with something deeply unpleasant and we have developed a physical reaction to it in order to repel the negative experience. For example, we may have felt abused and neglected when there was a lavender smell in the air, and as a result, we have become allergic to lavender, even though the real problem was the emotional trauma.

This field will release and remove from your subconscious and your body all such memories and programs so that your body will no longer need to try and fight a substance, via an immune reaction and a histamine release. The field includes programs to make your body neutral to various non-toxic substances, and feel safe when this is appropriate, without the need for an exaggerated allergic reaction.

NB! This is an experimental field. We do not claim to diagnose or cure any condition! Consult your health care provider for medical issues and treatment!


I’ll try it for two members of my family, but for the best result we have to wait spring 2023, season of bad allergies. Thank you!

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Dear Maitreya,
It looks very promising.
Could you please tell what is the difference between this file and the DM? Is it close to General version or it comprises all types (General, Animals, Food, etc.) of the DM? Which type - audio or DM - is stronger?
Anyway, thank you very very much for this file.

If someone knows that has allergies to Dust for example - better to get the mandala for Dust, because it works in a more specific way, and because of that it will be stronger.
If someone has allergies to many things he can get the General one.
Also, the mandala can have stronger effects because you carry it 24/7 and it can heal faster the reasons for the allergies.
All of the mandalas and audio work on a subconscious level to remove from the source of this problem.


@Maitreya Check dm

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Thank you, Maitreya!

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I don’t have any unanswered.

Was old. I messaged again

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@Maitreya safe for 11 month old baby?
1 play per day?

I am honestly scared to tell you yes lol
I guess you can try with a very focused intention and follow the baby’s behavior until the field is running. Does the baby get calmer and more peaceful or start to cry? But I think this is only for urgent situations.
Fields work with the brain and nervous system which are just starting to be structured in babies and it’s not cool to mess up there with energy.

I can give you other advice on this topic.

Allergies can have 3 reasons (mostly)

  1. Toxins in the physical body - they can come if the mother didn’t live very healthily or if have a destruction of the structures in the mitochondria. If the parents had parasites / heavy metals etc. Don’t want to open the main reason for allergies (the baby sh0ts)…

  2. Emotional - to have something in the environment which is so unbearable. This can be as emotion from the people around the child to smells inside the home which are irritating.

  3. Famous brands of baby products that are containing the greatest shit on this Earth. Read the labels and investigate the hidden names of the content inside them. Search for alternative natural products.


he can handle upto 3.plays but i play 2 ONLY when he needed it and it should be early in the morning

sorry didnt mention the allergy symptoms is blocked nose due to termite dust,

Still, thank you for your informative post

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Crazy field, I had already tried everything to get rid of this damn allergy that I don’t know what it is, it’s symptoms similar to sinusitis but it’s not the same, I had so much mucus coming out of my nose during the day, and just at random times where I had no control, I just couldn’t control my nostrils, the phlegm came out on its own, the last time it happened inside an establishment and a woman saw it, she looked at me in horror, it was extremely embarrassing and horrible, I had already tried several methods to get rid of it, anti-allergy, natural remedies, avoiding gluten and etc, but at most everything only alleviated the symptoms a little, but after the regrettable occurrence of the last week I needed to intensify my searches to solve it, so I decided to try this field , right on the first day the crises have already drastically reduced, I’m on the 3rd day of auditions, in addition to avoiding crises this also improves my breathing, it’s very good, sorry for the details them disgusting to anyone who read this lol.