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Raising children is one of the most challenging and rewarding responsibilities a person can have. From the moment a child is born, they look to their parents for love, guidance, and support. As parents, it’s our responsibility to provide them with the tools they need to become confident, capable, and compassionate adults.

One of the most important tasks we have as parents is to learn how to understand children and how to talk and behave in order to empower them. This includes learning how to properly communicate with them, meet their needs, and set healthy boundaries.

One way to empower children is to give them unconditional love and trust. When children feel loved and valued, they are more likely to develop healthy self-esteem, confidence, and resilience. It’s important to help children understand that their worth is not tied solely to their achievements but rather to who they are as individuals.

Another key aspect of raising children is setting healthy boundaries. Children need structure and routine to feel secure, and it’s up to parents to establish rules and boundaries that are appropriate for their age and developmental stage. By setting clear limits, parents can help children develop self-discipline and self-control, which are important skills for success in life.

In addition to these foundational aspects of raising children, there are several specific abilities parents can work on developing so as to better support their children. One of these is intuition, which can help parents better understand their kids’ true feelings and identify their real needs.
Compassion is also essential when raising children. By demonstrating kindness and empathy, parents can create a safe and loving environment that encourages children to share their feelings and emotions and teach them how to be compassionate as well.

Leadership and fearlessness are important traits that parents can develop within themselves to help guide their children, acknowledging their needs, talents, and personal choices. Confident but respectful and kind parents are setting a positive example for children to follow, and are helping them develop the skills and traits they need to become confident and kind leaders themselves.

Mindfulness is also important in raising children. By practicing mindfulness, parents can stay present at the moment and be more attuned to their children’s needs. This can help them respond to their children in a more patient and empathetic way.

Finally, becoming more creative in spending time with children can help create positive experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. This could include things like playing games, reading books together, or taking family trips. Talking with your children, listening to their ideas, sharing one’s own ideas, and discussing life are essential for children to feel included, respected, and seen and they can learn that their views and thoughts matter.

Ultimately, raising happy children requires a combination of attitudes, skills, and knowledge. By learning how to talk, behave, and understand children, giving them unconditional self-worth and trust, setting healthy limits, and developing key characteristics within ourselves, we can create a positive environment that empowers our children to thrive.


A field that should be used by anyone in the world who wants to have children.
Raising children is something that requires wisdom and people don’t realize how serious it is.


I don’t want babies at this time, but this DM is a dowel for a 5D world.

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just wanted to say

Don’t educate your kids, educate yourself

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This is an excellent field for every adult, regardless having their own children or not.
Every grown up should be a good role model for every kid.

Also, kids comes in a variety of chronological ages. :wink:


Any particular reason for that? I’m very interested in other peoples experience of this. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree, I am using this on my kids as well, to help them heal from the patterns they got from their mother and I, as well as help them heal to become much better parents that we were to them, ie less unwanted patterns and behaviours.

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We don’t recommend using fields by children under 16-18 years old. It can be harmful.

They have suffered a lot of abuse from my ex and what she has done to me and them. The need a lot of help healing from it all. the youngest is 13, the next is 15, the older 2 are 17 & 18.
They have a lot of trauma and generational patterns to heal from. Optimizer is being used on them as well, to manage the fields.