Natural Grow Taller Booster – HGH + Reopen Growth Plates

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There are two main stages of growth in a normal person. The first is from birth to two years of age and is associated with the rapid adaptation of the body to the environment and its independence and autonomy - the newborn must grow quickly and begin to walk, eat only. The next peak in human growth is between 11 and 14 years for girls, and 13 to 17 for boys, when they grow rapidly.

People reach their “bone peak” when they reach the age of 20. We say bone because growth depends primarily on the elongation of the human skeleton. After the age of 20, the ability of bones to grow is minimal. In old age, common bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, also occur. They lead to degradation of bone tissue, which accelerates over time and disrupts important areas of bone, including growth.

How does growth take place?
Simply put, the bone has a growth zone at its ends (epiphyses), in which during active growth something like cartilage is formed. This cartilage calcifies, ossifies. Eventually it becomes part of the bone itself and growth stops.

The main factor here is hormones. A group of them perform the so-called. morphogenesis in the body, i.e. roughly speaking, affect its shape and size. The first of these is the somatotropic hormone. A major hormone of the pituitary gland, it is also responsible for growth. Its high concentration increases the cartilage of the bone and slows down calcification. It is also a major factor determining the delay in the “closure” of the pineal gland. In other words, its concentration during puberty depends on how long and how high a person will grow.

Another hormone with a pronounced effect on growth is testosterone. Male hormone, secreted in women in minimal quantities, it affects bone metabolism positively. However, its high concentration closes bone receptors for somatotropic hormone and so it can cause premature growth arrest.

The thyroid and parathyroid glands also affect the process. For example, thyroid hormone is crucial for normal protein and other metabolism in the bone cell. Parathyroid parathyroid hormone affects bone calcium metabolism.

This audio includes:

  • HGH Boost
  • Reopen Growth Plates
  • Bones tissue regeneration
  • Spinal straightening and Posture Correction
  • Installed more than 200 instant subconsciousness beliefs for faster changes
  • Decalcification and reduce excessive cartilage from epiphyses
  • Balance somatotropic hormone in pituitary gland
  • Healing and regeneration thyroid and parathyroid glands

All these changes will help you to grow taller naturally without any side effects or pains. Audio is also filled with unconditional love from Creator, so your body to have the energy to create all these changes faster and safe. Use 2-3 times a day and drink enough water.

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