Use of natural grow taller field under age of 16!

hi maitreya and you guys!! my sister is a lot shorter than “normal” height so with doctor’s advice she’s taking daily human growth hormone doses as she’s near to hit puberty(she was also taking monthly hormones to delay puberty but we just stopped because it has many negative side effects so the puberty will happen even sooner due to recent hormonal imbalances after cutting that hormonal ampoule off )
i wanted to play the height field for her but she’s 12 i’m curious if you advise her listening to the natural grow taller field or not
thank you in advance :heart::heart:

p.s. unfortunately there’s no significant results with daily HGH hormones :frowning:

also i would highly appreciate if anyone has some recommendations

it will be good for her to use the HGH field and do stretching exercises daily, as well as drinking natural herbal teas


hey! thank you for the kind reply and suggestions
so i shouldn’t worry about the age limit that maitreya generally said for this field anymore right?

balance is essential, don’t abuse the fields, if she listens to the field 2x a day, that’s fine

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The fields are not made for children and results are unpredictable. Maitreya does not advise using them on children. Anything you do beyond that is your own responsibility.

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you’re right! i’ll be careful thank you so much

i totally understand but compared to the chemicals and hormonal ampoules i thought maitreya’s fields are more natural and less harmful to her :frowning:
i’ve read many articles on those medications and there are huge side effects
i know your team does not advise it but i want to know if that’s more like a rule for all fields and based of how someone can tolerate the energy or it’s particularly about the growth field
thank you

All fields by Maitreya are not meant for children, not just this.
I would encourage you to seek alternative treatment for whatever the problem is if you are dissatisfied with the treatment they are giving her. There is always Homeopathy, Bowen, Ayurveda, German New Medicine, etc.

Thank you so much for the kind replies i’ll search those you mentioned and i hope she gets the best results possible
thank you in advance!!:heart: