Mercury Retrogrades, and how to best survive them

Happy New Year! So apparently there’s four of these Mercury Retrogrades this year… And my big move to a new home just happens to fall smack dab in the middle of all this. For those of us curious on how to make our lives a little less chaotic during these powerful but often disruptive astrological events, what can we do/use?


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We have a pendant in the Etsy store specifically for Mercury which I think now will become in shadow/retrograde.


I got the Navagraha Homam premium field because it covers everything (full moons, retrogrades etc…) and it lasts for a month - not just 24 hours. Full moons and new moons used to cause me all sorts of issues.


I must have missed something – where is that wonderful thing? :V I was looking to save $$$ a bit by holding off on spending, but maybe not, LOL.

Edit: OH I see, it’s a Sapien thing. I already listen to Nullify Negative Planetary Effects daily. Good stuff.

Oh yeah… and there will be four retrogrades this year too, eh?

What is there to survive? I was born in Mercury Retrograde. :rofl:

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Lol! A very dramatic sense of timing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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