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This field has been created to help you transmute the energies of the planets into their higher manifestations. In Astrology this is called an Astrological Remedy. Since ancient times astrologers have tried to help people with unfortunate planet placements or in difficult times of tough astrological transits get the best of the situation and avoid bad developments. They have come up with various ways of helping avoid the negative and strengthen the positive in each person’s astrological chart. Now Maitreya fields has developed a special field directed at each planet that will work on stimulating the positive expression of the energy and helping overcome the lower expressions. This in fact is a form of alchemical work, where we transform ourselves into the purest and highest form we can achieve.


I thought what this pendant does, is what the pendants linked to each star sign already do. For example Libra pendant or Gemini pendant, should be bought by people who are astrological signs and get exactly the same benefits this astrological planets pendant ?!

Or you have to have the pendant of the astrological sign and the pendant of the astrological planets, to benefit from all the advantages, a kind of perfect (or ideal) birth chart ?!

And what about the astrological lunar sign (different from the astrological sun sign) and the ascendants (ascending astrological sign)?!Are they concerned and taken into account in these pendants ?!

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@Takyon A sign is different than a planet. A sign is a constellation of stars that is described to have a certain influence. A planet when located in a specific constellation in our horoscope, with specific aspect to other planets or point of our chart has a certain effect that can be beneficial or not so much. So all pendants of the Astrological series are built on the same concept but relate to different things according to one’s desire.

Depending how well one understands astrology they can get an individual astro sign pendant for their sun sign only, or chose to correct their rising sign, or chose to correct the sign of their 5th house, 10th house, or whatever they chose. Alternatively with this pendant they can correct the effect of bad position of a planet in their chart.

Those pendants are a bit more specific and for full use of all their power require that one has understanding of astrology. If you don’t that’s still OK, you can just get a pendant with your sun sign, it will help get the best of the energies of this sign and help you along.

People usually need to correct one or two things so you don’t necessarily need all 12 signs and the planets pendant, even though one can do this as well. Let’s say one is struggling with their emotions and their moon is in Capricorn. They can chose to get a Capricorn pendant and a planets pendant so they get the best of the sign and relieve the detrimental position of the Moon in this sign. Or they want to lessen the effects of their Scorpio ascendant and become friendlier with people, they can get a Scorpio pendant.


thank you very much Vega


Hello, dont we have mandala field for this?

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It is available only as a pendant. :slight_smile:

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