DM: Saturn Remedy

Mitigate Saturn’s Negative Influence and Elevate Higher Vibrations

This digital mandala has been created according to the beliefs and principles of Maitreya Reiki™ System of Spiritual Healing to help you in your journey.

The energetically programmed field is a specially designed energetic space created to transform and reduce the negative effects of Saturn, while simultaneously softening the planet’s most challenging aspects on an individual’s astrological chart. This field leverages the powerful vibrations of Blue Sapphire, known for its ability to balance Saturn’s energy. Saturn, known as the planet of karma, often brings difficulties and hardships into one’s life as part of karmic lessons. This field aims to help individuals correct these influences through inner transformation, potentially canceling out karmic and negative lessons.

Purpose and Functionality

The Energetically Programmed Field works on multiple levels to provide a holistic approach to dealing with Saturn’s challenging aspects. Here’s how it functions:

  1. Balancing and Synchronizing Energies:
  • The field creates a harmonious alignment between the individual’s energy and Saturn’s vibrations. This synchronization helps in reducing the friction caused by Saturn’s restrictive and disciplinary influence.
  • It fosters a sense of balance, allowing individuals to navigate Saturn’s lessons with greater ease and understanding.
  1. Promoting Discipline and Order:
  • For those struggling with disorganization or lack of structure, the field imparts an energetic boost that encourages a more disciplined and orderly approach to life.
  • It helps in cultivating habits of punctuality, responsibility, and thoroughness, aligning with Saturn’s demand for discipline and structure.
  1. Enhancing Inner Strength and Resilience:
  • The field strengthens the individual’s inner resolve and resilience, making it easier to endure and overcome Saturn’s challenges.
  • It supports the development of a strong core, empowering individuals to face limitations and restrictions with confidence and perseverance.
  1. Facilitating Patience and Long-Term Commitment:
  • By infusing the energy of patience and long-term vision, the field helps individuals understand and embrace the slow and steady progress required by Saturn.
  • It encourages persistence and dedication, aiding in the pursuit of long-term goals and spiritual growth.
  1. Transmuting Challenges into Growth Opportunities:
  • The field aids in transforming the hardships and obstacles presented by Saturn into valuable life lessons and growth opportunities.
  • It promotes a mindset that views challenges as stepping stones to greater wisdom and maturity.
  1. Karmic Correction and Transformation:
  • Recognizing Saturn as the planet of karma, the field helps individuals correct karmic influences that manifest as constant difficulties in life.
  • Through inner transformation facilitated by the field, individuals can potentially cancel out karmic and negative lessons, leading to a more harmonious and balanced existence.

Incorporation of Blue Sapphire Energy

Blue Sapphire, a gemstone associated with Saturn, is integral to the field’s effectiveness:

  • Vibrational Alignment: The gemstone’s vibrations are embedded into the field, enhancing its ability to balance and mitigate Saturn’s negative effects.
  • Calming Influence: The calming and stabilizing properties of Blue Sapphire help soothe the mind, reduce anxiety, and promote mental clarity.
  • Protection: It offers a protective shield against the harsher aspects of Saturn’s energy, ensuring a smoother and more positive experience.

By utilizing this energetically programmed field, individuals can experience a reduction in the negative impacts of Saturn, leading to a more balanced, orderly, and spiritually elevated life. The field not only mitigates Saturn’s challenging effects but also transforms them into opportunities for profound personal and spiritual development. Through this transformation, it can help correct karmic imbalances, alleviate persistent life difficulties, and ultimately foster a harmonious existence.


Coming in a few hours on YouTube!


Oh, thanks!
I couldn’t resist buying it because Saturn will be in my second house from March 2024 to February 2028, and I’m already feeling its influence strongly.

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When I was born Saturn was in my House of Power. My karmic lessons are Honour, Compassion and Materialism vs Spirituality. I should get an A+ passed, done, now fun :smiley: leave me alone. I really can’t deal with more people teaching me compassion :rofl:

I just meditated with audio and mandala (I recently started doing both), and I felt like some stuff was released from my heart centre three times. I also felt blessed.


8th houser and my primary lessons are vulnerability and letting go. I like to think that I am much better at it than I was when I started off but I am interested in seeing what impact this one has on me.
Do you happen to have a Mercury one scheduled?


I bet this can bring a lot of challenging events.

Retrograde in August and December this year, yaaay :roll_eyes:

Yes, more planets are planned. We might get the whole chart working on our benefits in the future :smiley:


Why are you choosing to be afraid right now? Why don’t you decide and make choice that Mercury retrograde will be the best time of the year and that many great and joyful events are waiting for you?

Choice creates. And you have experienced this before.

Expecting bad events will definitely lead to their happening.

And then you’ll say, “I told you so…”

But it turns out you just got what you intended to get through your choice.

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Yes, it does feels challenging at the moment, tons of relationship issue :joy: and of course it was because my intelligence wasn’t developed much and I was/am still pretty stubborn so lessons take their sweet time with me.
One lesson regarding letting go was also learning to let go of the traditional misconstrued idea of letting go and differentiating dissociation, detachment, renunciation and being in the middle place between avarice and attachment.
Maitreya’s fields have been a true help, they keep continuing to open my eyes, and will do till the day I am wholly wide awake on my own.

I’m not really afraid, but yeah, you are right. It’s my choice. Unfortunately, I can decide for other people in my life, that they won’t be also affected.

I expect misunderstandings more than bad events. It’s mostly communication issues. Thanks, I’ll flip my thinking. :slight_smile:

High Five! Being stubborn is not always bad. Some people give up after the first failure and never try again.
I often have this dilemma: “Should I let go or fight for it?”. If it hurts, then yes. If this makes me feel less or too much, yes. If being stubborn makes me a better person than yesterday, I don’t give up.

Some people have a natural instinct to take action, and feel alive when they need to put in some effort. Other people are so laid back that they are almost horizontal. I guess both sides need to balance this.