Mandala results not showing..🤷

It would seem I may have to try and sense the mandalas or they don’t work(for me)… Ive spent decent money on these and keep like four in my pockets but the mutant and warrior only seem to show (mental) effects when I think on them not will they stick. Much not in the way of physical which (obviously) the only reason I bought mutant soldier ya know? Any ideas how to just set em and forget em? (Also whilst keeping me aura charged and susceptible?)

The answer for all “i dont get results” stuff is the same:

Release your blockages


@Unicornssuck The way to get physical effect is through mental change first. Tune in to the mandalas and open up to the change. If it is not happening you can think if there is something that scares you or makes you not want the actual effect despite the fact that you think you want it. Would it be possible for something bad to happen to you if you achieve those results? By asking yourself such questions you may find subconscious blockages that prevent you from getting the results.