Making a decision

I will think about that, although the ones already provided work very effectively for this purpose. I’m not sure if there’s anything that could surpass them.

In essence, there is a method for exploring different timelines, as well as having a conversation with your “future self” to tell you what would happen if you make a particular decision. It could also provide you with even smarter ideas that are currently latent in your consciousness.

I’m planning to introduce this in a more advanced course, which I hope to complete very soon. In that course, I will teach similar, very cool techniques through a process and training to enable people to use them effectively, so they can become masters of time and reality. :slight_smile:

What I wanted to say, but got carried away with other topics, is this: You can use the Reality Shifter by combining it with this field: Master Strategist Pendant, and actively engage in your meditation.

You can explore different timelines for what you want to achieve - once you’ve achieved it, how do you feel? Are you satisfied with the outcome, or did something go wrong? You can learn more about the results and effects before manifesting it. If you don’t like a particular timeline, you can switch to another, and so on.