Making a decision

Field or otherwise, what’s a good way to make a decision for which neither available option seems good or bad?


I’d say fields The Finder, Istikhara prayer, Body Response.


Is it urgent?
Do you have to make a decision at all?
Or can you just let things play out?

Connect with your heart. State the question to yourself and let it go for a while. Do something completely different, preferably something practical/ grounding. See what comes up. :slightly_smiling_face:


Either I am pathetic at using the body response or there is a certain question that is giving me equal sensation on both hands. :thinking:
A part of me feels this is my HS’s way to teach me how to make decisions and be comfortable with the unknown.


My advice is the following, as cheesy as it sounds: when it is like that, choose the option that your heart is in the most. If there is an equal chance of success and failure, at least do what you mean to do. If you succeed you get what you actually want, if you fail it will be easier to come to terms with that scenario. Also:
“Matters of great concern should be treated lightly. Matters of small concern should be treated seriously”


I have quite a silly way of making decisions.

If I have to decide between two things, I flip the coin and observe how I feel. When I feel disappointed with the result, I go for the other one.

When I need to make a decision between more than two, I write them down on separate papers. Then I draw the one. If I feel disappointed, then this is not what I want. If I feel aligned then it should be my choice.


That’s exactly what I thought even though I don’t do it. There’s a technique where if you flip a coin, while it’s in the air, you already know the answer.

I constantly use Istikhara prayer and The Finder, and the results are very good. Unfortunately, sometimes Istikhara can disappoint us by rejecting what is not good for us, but we should be able to let go easily.


I do always have problems with making decisions, I am sure party it’s a confidence issue, but the other side is that I hope for input from my subconsious/higher self, because it may know more on this particular issue, than I am consciously aware of.

Maybe a special field for making decisions would be a suggestion @Maitreya or is the finder the field for that? One could probably also use the Reality Note and have the intention of finding out the best solution for this problem.


I will think about that, although the ones already provided work very effectively for this purpose. I’m not sure if there’s anything that could surpass them.

In essence, there is a method for exploring different timelines, as well as having a conversation with your “future self” to tell you what would happen if you make a particular decision. It could also provide you with even smarter ideas that are currently latent in your consciousness.

I’m planning to introduce this in a more advanced course, which I hope to complete very soon. In that course, I will teach similar, very cool techniques through a process and training to enable people to use them effectively, so they can become masters of time and reality. :slight_smile:

What I wanted to say, but got carried away with other topics, is this: You can use the Reality Shifter by combining it with this field: Master Strategist Pendant, and actively engage in your meditation.

You can explore different timelines for what you want to achieve - once you’ve achieved it, how do you feel? Are you satisfied with the outcome, or did something go wrong? You can learn more about the results and effects before manifesting it. If you don’t like a particular timeline, you can switch to another, and so on.


I often use tools from studying “Access Consciousness.” For instance, when making a decision, I ask myself two questions:

  1. How will I feel in 5 years if I choose this?
  2. How will I feel in 5 years if I don’t choose this?

The “right” answer is the one that brings more ease and joy.